AUP PROCESSING NOTES: 4th Quarter 2015

1) Changes made to the Tibetan transliteration table have resulted in a large number of changes to Tibetan names and corporate bodies.

1000 |aBlo-bza˙n-chos-kyi-rgyal-mtshan,|cPanchen Lama I,|d1570-1662
1000 |aBlo-bzang-chos-kyi-rgyal-mtshan,|cPanchen Lama I,|d1570-1662

The revised table can be found at

2) For libraries that subscribe to MeSH authority control:

a) As of January 1, 2016, the 2016 MeSH headings are in use for both AUP and AEX. They were used for this quarter's AUP run.

b) As previously announced, NLM is now distributing bibliographic records with headings in "deconstructed" form. LTI offers a profile option to follow this practice. Users who wish to change their profile accordingly should contact Marsha Hunt.

3) Genre/Forms: The Library of Congress has distributed authority records for the remainder of the literature genres that were to be added to the LC Genre/Form Thesaurus (LCGFT).

LTI clients who are currently authorizing genre/form headings using both GSAFD (Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama) and LCGFT should consider changing their processing options to convert GSAFD terms to LCGFT. GSAFD has not been updated since 2001, and the vast majority of the terms are now covered by LCGFT headings. Contact Marsha Hunt for more information or to change your profile.