AUP PROCESSING NOTES: 1st Quarter 2017

Many of the cities and counties in Taiwan have been altered to include "City" or "County".

e.g. 151 $aKao-hsiung shih (Taiwan)
is now
151 $aKaosiung City (Taiwan)

151 $aI-lan hsien (Taiwan)
is now
151 $aYilan County (Taiwan)

Background: Released in January 2017, an LC-PCC Policy Statement on RDA informs catalogers that first preference for a place name is "an approved English-language form found in GEOnet (called a conventional name) ... The conventional form of name is a commonly used English-language name approved by the BGN for foreign place names. If GEONet lists both an approved and a conventional form, use the conventional form." The changes also reflect the change in practice of using pinyin form for Taiwanese place names instead of Wade-Giles.