AUP PROCESSING NOTES: 2nd Quarter 2017

1) Atlases: LC has decided that the heading "Atlases" will now be eligible for assignment to all geographic atlases, regardless of coverage, instead of being limited solely to world atlases. Atlases may also now be subdivided geographically to reflect the place of publication of the atlas. As a result, all headings of the type Atlases, [nationality], were cancelled and replaced by the formulation Atlases $z [country].

The geographic or topical coverage of an atlas will continue to be assigned headings of the type [place]$v Maps and [topic] $z [place] $vMaps (e.g., Pennsylvania $v Maps and Real property $z Pennsylvania $v Maps).

Works about atlases published in a specific place may now be assigned the heading Atlases $z [place] $x History, regardless of the geographic coverage of the atlas.


Atlas published in Maine: 150 0 $a Atlases $z Maine
Atlas of Maine: 151 0 $a Maine $v Maps

2) The term "Mogul" has now been replaced by "Mogul Empire" when used as an adjectival qualifier.

3) The term "Palestinian" has now been replaced by "Palestinian Arab" as an adjectival qualifier.

4) Projects to shift fictitious/legendary characters and deities from subjects to names continue.

5) 100 1 $a Beach, H. H. A., $cMrs., $d1867-1944 has been changed to 100 1 $a Beach, Amy, $d1867-1944.