AUP PROCESSING NOTES: 4th Quarter 2017

1) The process of shifting deities and fictitious characters from the LCSH to the LC Name Authority File continues.
Of particular interest this quarter are:

1000 $aRama $c(Hindu deity) [diacritics omitted for display]
1000 $aSiva $c(Hindu deity)

2) For libraries that subscribe to MeSH authority control: As of January 1, 2018, the 2018 MeSH headings are in use for both AUP and AEX. They were used for this quarter's AUP run.

3) Librarian humor: Periodically, we come across some rather entertaining errors. For your enjoyment, we thought we'd share a couple:

"Turkeys $x Politics and government" (not to mention "$x Foreign relations", and $x "Emigration and immigration")
"Employee fridge benefits" - sounds good, but not really a thing

And yes, we did correct them to "Turkey" and "Employee fringe benefits" respectively.