AUP PROCESSING NOTES: 2nd Quarter 2018

1) The subject heading "Dayak (Indonesian people)" has been changed to "Dayak (Bornean people)"

2) The birth date for Harriet Tubman has been corrected. The heading is now "1001 $aTubman, Harriet, $d1822-1913"

3) Qualifiers for many Peruvian geographic names continue to be changed from "Department" to "Region." An example from this quarter is the change from
151 Piura (Peru : Department)
151 Piura (Peru : Region)

Wikipedia provides a succinct explanation: "Peru formerly divided into departments until the creation of regions in 2002; regions are governed by regional governments; many people still use the old term "department" when referring to the current regions; departments were identical to today's regions, with the exception of two new regions (Callao and Lima)."

4) Reflecting his recent marriage and name usage, Prince Harry's heading has been updated to: "1000 $aHarry,$cPrince, Duke of Sussex,$d1984-"