AUP PROCESSING NOTES: 3rd Quarter 2014

1) An LC-PCC Policy Statement has been released regarding medium of performance for music. The RDA instruction at currently contains an exception that reads "If there is more than one part for a particular instrument or voice, do not add the number of parts if the number is implicit in the preferred title." The new LC-PCC PS instructs catalogers "Always supply the number of parts for a particular instrument or voice, even if the number of parts is implicit in the preferred title. Apply all other exceptions in" Unlike other policy statements, LC has instructed libraries to begin following this policy immediately, instead of waiting for its publication in the RDA Toolkit.
e.g. Previously: 1001 $aBoccherini, Luigi, $d1743-1805. $tDuets, $mviolins, $nG. 58, $rA major
Now: 1001 $aBoccherini, Luigi, $d1743-1805. $tDuets, $mviolins (2), $nG. 58, $rA major

Previously:1001 $aAtterberg, Kurt, $d1887-1974. $tQuartets, $mviolins, viola, cello, $nno. 2, op. 11
Now: 1001 $aAtterberg, Kurt, $d1887-1974. $tQuartets, $mviolins (2), viola, cello, $nno. 2, op. 11

2) LC and NACO libraries are continuing to convert deities, mythological characters, and other fictitious characters from subject headings to name headings. Due to procedures at LC, it may take a number of weeks before the corresponding subject heading is deleted.

3) In accord with RDA, LTI has begun to expand LTI conference headings that contain "etc." in $c (location of conference or exhibit) to include all relevant locations.
e.g. 1112 $aFestivalfilosofia $d(2010 :$cCarpi, Italy; etc.)
is now 1112 $aFestivalfilosofia $d(2010 :$cCarpi, Italy; Modena, Italy; Sassuolo, Italy)