AUP PROCESSING NOTES: 4th Quarter 2014

1) On December 8, 2014 LC began implementation of the announced Phase 3A changes to targeted records in the LC/NACO Authority File. Phase 3A involves the following categories of changes:

- Changes involving the music medium of performance statement (subfield $m)
- Changes involving subfield $c of personal names
- Adding a 667 note to undifferentiated personal names records
- Re-formulation of any field 678 not suitable for public display, as 670 fields.
- All changes to the 1XX previously defined for Phases 1 and 2 that were created subsequent to those phases
- Evaluation of the contents of the 370 field
- Replacement of obsolete indicators with blanks, and removal of unnecessary terminal punctuation. Due to the unexpectedly high numbers of obsolete second indicators in field 1XX, this specific change was eliminated from the process after a few days.

Additional enhancements to the name records will include:
- Generate the 046 field as appropriate
- Generate the 382 field from certain music medium of performance statements

Detailed information on these changes can be found at

As of the end of December 2014, roughly 180,000 records have been replaced. The number is lower than originally expected at this point due to LC's holiday break.

2) For libraries that subscribe to MeSH authority control:

(a) The 2014 MeSH authority records were used for this AUP run and are now used for Authority Express runs, effective 1 January 2015.

(b) The files of auxiliary MeSH authority records have been updated:

MESH-18X.MRC contains MeSH "subdivision records" which are official NLM records for floating $x subfields.

MESH-155.MRC contains MeSH "Publication Type" records with an authorized heading tagged 155.