AUP PROCESSING NOTES: 1st Quarter 2013

In addition to the normal revisions to authority records, this AUP run reflects the changes made to nearly 400,000 authority records during Phase II of the RDA implementation.

The .LSB file now includes three additional lists:

  • *.NR$ These are Name/title headings that contain only an RDA change
  • *.SR$ These are Subject headings that contain only an RDA change (including names used as subjects)
  • *.YR$ These are Series headings that contain only an RDA change

As mentioned previously, if you need this load to be broken down into smaller files for loading into your local system, please contact Marsha Hunt at

Specifically, changes include:

Dates: all dates in $d are in RDA form. This includes changing "ca." to "approximately", "fl." to "active", spelling out names of months, expanding "cent." to "century" and changing e.g. "$d16th cent." to "$dactive 16th century". For a range of dates in ancient names, B.C. is used both before and after the hyphen. e.g Caesar, L. Julius|q(Lucius Julius),|dactive 90 B.C.-43 B.C. Note that these changes were made even if there are non-RDA elements in the record.

Selections: author/title records that previously had $tSelections have been changed to $tWorks.$pSelections. Again, this will occur even if there are non-RDA elements in the record.

For instance:
Nicetas, $of Byzantium, $d9th cent. $tSelections. $lGerman & Greek. has been changed to:
Nicetas, $Byzantios, $dactive 9th century. $tWorks. $Selections. $l German & Greek.
$l remains in the record even though it is not valid in RDA.

'Mixed' authority records that contain both RDA and non-RDA elements include a 667 "DO NOT USE..." note and do not contain $erda in the 040 field.

Bible headings: O.T. and N.T. have been removed from the headings for specific books. When referring to the entire Old Testament or New Testament, the words are spelled out. As yet, many of these changes have not been implemented on the subject side under Bible stories.

Koran has been changed to Qur'an. Adjectival use on the subject side has also been changed to Qur'anic (Note that the "alif" special character is used. It is not an apostrophe.)

Other changes:

  • "Violoncello" has been changed to "Cello". This is true for all occurences in the Name Authority File, as well as some instances in the Subject Authority File. Also included is the change from "$cvioloncellist" to "$c(Cellist)".
  • "$oarr." has been changed to "$oarranged"
  • "unacc." has been changed to "unaccompanied".
  • "Dept." has been changed to "Department" where it is appropriate. This includes geographic headings such as Doubs (France : Department) and the corresponding use in geographic subdivisions of subjects e.g. Dwellings |z France |zDoubs (Department)
  • Month names have been expanded to full form. This includes use in treaty and conference headings.