AUP PROCESSING NOTES: 4th Quarter 2013

Customers whose last AUP run was prior to the first quarter of 2013 will be seeing RDA-related heading changes for the first time. For details, see the 1st Quarter 2013 AUP Processing Notes.

Current RDA practice calls for fictitious characters to be established as names rather than subjects. New LC/PCC headings for fictitious characters are being established in the Name Authority File and those formerly established as subjects are being converted to names as needed. LTI has converted many of its internal fictitious character headings from subject to name form. Examples: 100 1 $aAmato, Tito $c(Fictitious character); 100 1 $aBattle, $cInspector (Fictitious character)

LC has completed their conversion to using S.A. as the qualifier for South Australia. LTI has updated its files to reflect this change.