The RDA Toolkit Restructure and Redesign (3R) project

8 Feb. 2017

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) has begun the RDA Toolkit Restructure
and Redesign (3R) project in an effort to improve functionality and
bring the site into compliance with accessibility standards. Because of
the 3R project, there will not be any submission of RDA change proposals during 2017.

As part of this project, they will be determining how best to integrate and/or be
compatible with IFLA's Library Reference Model (LRM). LRM is currently
in draft mode, but is expected to be approved in the near future.
An discussion of what will be involved can be found at

Of particular importance to LTI and its users will be the introduction
of new entities Collective Agent, Nomen, and Time-span. Two other
entities that are already implicit in RDA, Agent and Place, will be
added and consolidated. As indicated in the RSC statement, "The existing
RDA entities Person, Family, and Corporate Body will become entity
sub-types of Agent and Collective Agent, and the associated instructions
will be generalized where appropriate. This will require a significant
change in the definition of RDA Person, to confine the scope to real
human beings. The treatment of fictitious and non-human entities and
alternative names of persons such as pseudonyms given in statements of
responsibility will be developed in the context of the new Nomen entity

so that resources continue to be found. This may result in a change of
practice for some authority control systems."

LTI will monitor this and make the necessary changes when the re-design
is complete and decisions finalized.