Continuing Authority Control

Once you have a clean database, the next challenge is to keep it that way. LTI offers two services that work hand-in-hand to keep your database up to date.

For New Cataloging:

Authority Express (AEX) lets you control records that are new to your bibliographic database quickly and easily. You simply upload a file of bibliographic records through this website or via FTP and in no time you can download fully authorized bibliographic records along with the appropriate Library of Congress authority records. Reports are also provided showing the results of the processing and a list of unlinked headings. Files up to 10,000 records are typically finished within fifteen minutes after receipt by LTI.

The Details
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Using AEX Filenames

For the Rest of the Catalog:

Authority Update Processing (AUP)
helps you keep the rest of your database updated. Every week, LC distributes over 10,000 name and an average of 100 subject authority records. Some are new, some are changed. Offered on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, AUP subscribers receive files of library-specific new, revised and deleted authority records, updated bibliographic records, and reports of affected headings and LC authority records.

The Details
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Understanding AUP Filenames
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