LTI to close March 31, 2019

This past spring marked the 30th anniversary of LTI's founding in 1988. We have been proud to offer the highest quality database services to our customers over the years, and so it is with great regret that we must announce that effective March 31, 2019, Library Technologies, Inc. will cease to do business.

Though several of us are at or beyond retirement age, shutting down a small company operation such as LTI is in many ways a difficult personal decision. However, from a business perspective, the logic is inescapable. The library marketplace continues to change and users have less interest in the services we have delivered in past years. In addition to an ever-declining user base, more and more libraries either lack the funding for authorization projects or are content with the authority control received from their local system vendor. Like everything else, the library service world is in constant flux and one must know when to accommodate change or leave the field. We wish to thank each of you for choosing to work with LTI and wish you the very best in serving your library’s patrons and clientele in coming years.

Be assured we will do everything in our power to assist you in a smooth transition to an alternative service vendor. More specifically, the Authority Express (AEX) service will operate until the end of March 2019. The final regularly scheduled Authority Update Processing (AUP) run will take place at the end of the 4th quarter of 2018. Results will be processed and returned to libraries during the first two weeks of January 2019.

If there is sufficient interest, LTI will perform a special AUP run in March 2019 in which all existing AUP clients will be able to participate. As always, pricing for that run will depend on database size and AUP frequency. We expect to have more details about this possible run by August 1, 2018. Questions or interest in such a run should be addressed to Marsha Hunt.

Again, we are grateful for your patronage and trust in using LTI’s services. A special note of thanks to Amy Turner, recently retired from the Duke University Libraries, who organized and ran the LTI Users Group electronic mailing list for many years.