Authority Express

Authority Express provides libraries with an effective and convenient way to authorize new bibliographic records. Because the service is automated, turn-around time is rapid. AEX use is open to any library, whether or not LTI has authorized its full database, with AEX records receiving the same extensive processing as batch authority control, with the exception of editor review. LTI provides a secure interface on its website to send and retrieve files, or libraries may use local system or browser FTP capabilities.

Newly added bibliographic records are sent to LTI for processing at the library’s convenience. Files up to 10,000 records are typically finished within fifteen minutes after receipt by LTI , with larger files requiring minimal additional time for completion. File naming conventions permit the ready identification of pre- and post-processing files of bibliographic records, authority records, and reports.

Files returned to the library include:

  1. a file of output MARC catalog records, now fully authorized
  2. file(s) of MARC format new LC name and subject authority records
  3. reports (in ASCII text format): one containing unlinked headings (ULH), and another (ACF) showing the statistical results of the processing (the equivalent of batch processing’s Final Link Report).

Additional reports may also be provided, depending on the library’s profile and the content of the bibliographic records. LC authority records from AEX runs are deduped automatically against authority records previously provided to the library, whether through previous batch processing or earlier AEX runs. Only the new authority records are returned to the library.

Another AEX feature is that new bibliographic records are merged into LTI's files of all the library's bibliographic records so that files are kept current for Authority Update Processing.

Costs, Invoicing, and Ordering

There are two charges associated with the Authority Express service: (1) 10¢ for each record processed; and, (2) $10.00 for each file submitted for processing. Libraries are invoiced at the end of every month for the actual usage during that month..

To begin using the AEX service, complete and submit the service initiation form. LTI staff will respond to make arrangements to begin using the service. When the account is ready for use, the designated contact receives an email with a library-specific username, password, and use instructions.

Adding and Deleting Authority Records

LTI keeps an historical file of all authority records provided to the library in any authority control service. There may be times when a library wishes to delete authority records from LTI's copy of that file or add additional authority records to it. Instructions on how to do so are available. The cost for each add or delete file sent is $10. There is no "per record" charge for this service.